Our Mission

We equip and train churches how to build a bridge into the workplace. Starting a Business Ministry within the local church engages leaders to impact those would are not in the church with the good news of Christ through biblical principals in practical ways.


We equip and train business owners and leaders how to grow business for the glory of God. We create Christian Roundtable Groups within the local church. We help equip business owners and leaders to operate their businesses with biblical principals in practical ways. By bringing Jesus Christ into the marketplace through the local church stronger community is built and kingdom funding is created.


Our market is the local church; our customer is the business owners and leaders within each church. We will connect and build relationships with key leaders in our community that are leaders in their church. We will present the concept to the leadership of the church. Identify the key business owners and leaders engaging them to become the ambassadors for the ministry. Create a campaign aligning with T@W for each church and have a launch formation meeting with call to action to join the CRGs at the church. The leaders will be presented and times will have been established with location in place. All training and teaching materials and procedures will be provided through the Truth@Work web portal. As higher capacity business owners and leaders are identified they will be introduced to Chapter Presidents of T@W and offered an opportunity that would best fit their needs.


3F is taking back this nation for Christ through the local church by equipping them to engage in the marketplace. We are building bridges between church leadership and their Christian Business owners and leaders. We have become like the original church but in the 21st century because these leaders’ lives have been transformed, Industries have been influenced and communities have been changed. All their business needs are met, generosity is their focus, and the Lord is adding daily the resources needed to accomplish His will and to attract people to Him through the marketplace.