Pastor: What if your business owners and leaders were equipped by the church to become pastors in the marketplace!

I would love to serve your church and walk along side you to increase your influence in your community and around the world.
I have grown up in the church and come from a family of pastors but I chose to own and operate organizations. Over the years I have learned a great lesson... We, the church, could do a better job ministering to the marketplace.

My organization, 3F, is committed to helping churches bring a fresh perspective into the community through their business owners and leaders. We believe we can grow business for the glory of God. We believe we can redirect more resources back to your church. We believe that the church will grow from pastors having a greater understanding of how to minister to businesses speaking the lingo they understand.  “Biblical Principals in Practical Ways”.

The Why: I feel that we can take back this nation for God. If we walk along side followers of Christ that have influence and leadership in business we will pastor to people where they spend more than 50% of their time. A survey done in 2010 stated - Christians spend less than 5% of our time in church and 50% in the Marketplace. 90% of Christians struggle with work and life being out of balance with God and 61% fail to see any kingdom impact at work. We can change this!

The How: 3F will work with your church leadership to help find the business owners and leaders. We will assist and train a leader / leaders to lead this ministry.

What We DO: We create CRG (Christian Roundtable Groups) that help grow business with a kingdom perspective. We engage these leaders in supporting the local church. We help redirect more resources back to the church to support the other ministries in the church.
Here are some things I have noticed as a result of this ministry in my home church.

  • Increase in leaders stepping up to lead.
  • Increase in funding of ministries.
  • Increase of trusting God in business.
  • Owners praying with employees in the business.
  • Business owners and leaders setting spiritual / business / personal goals monthly.
  • Bring an order of God to reclaim their identity being founded in Christ.
  • Business using their businesses to serve the church as an offering to lower overhead.
  • Business tithing to the church.

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