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Business Owners / Leaders: Where do you go to find God when it comes to running your business? What would your business look like if God were to show up and bless it?

In this world today it’s hard to run a business that glorifies God. Having a kingdom purpose in business may not even seem possible. What if I told you that the word of God supports making a Profit and becoming a Prophet in the marketplace is easier than you may think?

I have been a business owner for over 30 years and true freedom for me has only happened in the past recent years. I have found that God’s word; biblical principles, can be applied in practical ways. 3F has a proven method to help each of us grow our businesses and develop our faith while gaining influence with impact in our industries.
We help business owners and leaders become greater through what we call “Christian Roundtable Groups”. We spend time together on a monthly basis working on our real issues and challenges bringing resolve. We learn how to search God’s word for the answers to our questions and help each other achieve our goals.
These CRG’s are a safe place to bring your biggest challenges in life. They also are the place where new ideas are born. Please visit one of our current groups and experience a life and business opportunity.  

 The Why: I feel that the term “Christian Business” for some is a negative term. We can do a better job and have greater impact for God’s Kingdom if we collaborate with like minded people with purpose. 
The How: 3F is powered by Truth@Work that has been coaching Christian business for over a decade. With web portal teaching and resources we are able to spend our time around the table engaged in real life relevant strategies.
What We DO: We create CRG (Christian Roundtable Groups) that help grow business with a kingdom perspective. 
Here are some things to expect from this experience.

  • Increase in trusting God in business.
  • Business growth through new ideas and perspective.
  • Diverse perspectives for greater learning.
  • Setting and reaching your Goals.
  • Balance in Spiritual / Personal / Business.
  • Finding greater purpose.

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