Welcome to 3f

Welcome to 3f consulting. A business and ministry focused on helping you grow your relationship with God and your business.

Forming Groups

We help form groups that meet on a regular basis. They discuss the challenges business owners of faith have on a daily basis.

Understanding 3F

We equip and train business owners and leaders how to grow business for the glory of God.

  • Bridge Builders!

    3F is about building a bridge between the local church and the marketplace. Outreach in bringing Jesus Christ into the marketplace through the businesses inside the local church. We are equipping business leaders in applying biblical principles in practical ways.

  • Leadership Builders!

    3F helps connect church leadership to marketplace leadership to build a stronger community. Church leadership come alone side business with a ministry opportunity. Business leadership redirect resources back to the local church.

  • Discipleship Builders!

    3F has a proven method for creating discipleship in the marketplace. Leadership identification process to rise up more servant leaders inside the walls of the church. Discipleship empowerment through business to become the church outside the walls of the church.